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Client Stories

Our clients see appreciable, long-lasting results from coaching. Read real-life examples and testimonials below.

New Understanding of What Matters

Priya* had recently transitioned from a clinical medical career into a corporate role. She wanted to hit the ground running and begin her new position at the top of her game. She set a very high bar for herself in terms of gaining relevant certifications for her new position, and became overwhelmed with up-skilling. She felt that she couldn’t fully start her new role until she had completed a wide set of certifications. Through coaching, Priya determined that she had to scale down the scope of what she could reasonably accomplish while still maintaining her high standards. She chose the most essential areas of certification to complete first, set timelines for completing those, and de-prioritized less crucial certifications. The key outcome for Priya was being able to make the distinction between what was mission-critical, and what was “nice to have”. As a very achievement-oriented individual, it was incredibly significant for her to learn how to take her foot off the gas pedal, step back, and take a holistic view of her professional goals.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

Scaling Up Confidence to Grow a Business

Maria* sought coaching in order to maintain her confidence while she built up her small business and furthered her professional credentials. She wanted to be able to negotiate with partners, hold her ground around those who'd intimidated her, and be her authentic self in all professional interactions. During the coaching process, Maria aligned her already-strong personal values with a set of concrete behaviors that she could employ in order to persevere and maintain her own principles when partnering with colleagues. She knew she only wanted to align herself with colleagues who shared her values and professional approaches. By engaging in coaching dialogue, Maria realized that when she was grounded in what she fundamentally believed, it would feel very natural to either partner with others, or decline to do so. By allowing herself the opportunity to scenario-plan, she gained enormous comfort in letting her moral compass guide her business decisions, and not let others' needs and beliefs dictate her actions.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

I recently had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth and learn from her coaching style. She is a wonderful person, very kind and considerate and her questioning is straight to the point. Her time management during the session is also excellent. She always miraculously manages to wrap up her sessions and summarise them in such a brilliant way that everything is clear at the end of the session and your energy is just different. I would also like to emphasize her perfect use of humor during the sessions. It was a real pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her. You will surely look forward to her sessions.

Entrepreneur & Coach

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